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Elmer Street, LLC


During the planning phase, from our customer’s concept, we will help
analyze the market and competitive landscape, innovate, and refine the
core value proposition. We then design the operational/financial model
and underlying technology platform and product roadmap. We will plan
a staged launch with emphasis on early revenue and positive gross
margin and then assist our customers with the capital raising.


We help our customers execute the plan to build the business from the
ground up. We will build the technology platform thru MVP+ as needed,
and leave the company with a technology team in place to evolve the
platform. We can hire and manage the early-stage team needed to
launch the business.
Elmer Street, LLC
Elmer Street, LLC


Elmer Street can continue to leave a team in place to drive execution to
the business plan. We provide the resources to launch and run the
early-stage business, achieve a profit, scale the business, and are
happy to remain in certain board and/or operational roles until an exit

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Elmer Street, LLC